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Company introduction


Suzhou Jwell Poly Engineering Co.,Ltd  is a share holding company by Shanghai Jwell Machinery (Group) Co.,Ltd which focus on Synthetic Fiber Technology and Equipment in the field of high-tech chemical fiber Engineering Company,Our company devote to Technology development, Engineering scheme,Main technical process, Equipment manufacturing and Technical services, to provide professional "Turn-Key" Engineering Services, is the domestic high quality polyester spinning (PET)project, polyamide fiber(Nylon) Spinning and melt spinning for spandex Melt-spinning technology and equipment manufacturing with solutions to leading international chemical fiber engineering technology Company .

  Suzhou Jwell Poly Engineering Co.,Ltd adhere to science and technology innovation, over the years has been committed to the synthetic fibre industry technology innovation and development, Especially in polyester spinning, polyamide fiber spinning engineering and melt spinning for spandex spinning engineering technologies, including engineering technology and equipment for manufacture enterprises that produce a Package of solutions, to undertake the nearly thousand sets of polyester spinning engineering, polyamide fiber spinning and melt spinning for spandex spinning project. Company after years of technology development and engineering practice, and formed a complete set of mature spinning technology and equipment, to lead and promote the technical level of China's synthetic fiber industry promotion and development.

  Suzhou Jwell Poly Engineering Co.,Ltd  is committed to creating the best quality and lowest price products in the world, persistent Endeavoring & Innovation, and constantly improve synthetic fiber Industry as we efforts in order to meet the needs of the customer tomorrow. In recent years, the company products have been all over the country, and exported to India, Iran, Turkey, Egypt, Korea, Syria, Indonesia, the Middle East and other countries and regions, well received by customers.


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