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In the history of industry development , Textile industry has the important contribution . It's rise and development,not only take the people from hunger and cold ,but also become the significant way to reflect spiritual civilization . At the same time ,the Textile industry has the important role in global economic prosperity and the progress of science and technology .

The appearance of Textile industry enriches the varity of yarn and increase the quantity .In 1911’s Man made Fiber and 1938’s Synthetic fiber join the textile materials ranks, people is amazed to find that the raw material that produce textile does not necessarily rely on natural fibers, but can conduct industrial production just like other industrial raw material . In the next few decades, synthetic fiber is begin to challenge natural fiber in quantity ,varity, quality and property. Textile industry open up the limitless source of spinning material . Gradually, The peasant return the farmland to food.

The application of modern mechanical industry , materials technology , chemical industry and electronics industry technology, which is greatly promote the development and prosperity of textile industry . The future development of textile industry will further rely on material science, chemical technology and electronic technology and other science and technology. Chemical engineering will be pay more attention to adopt advanced technique .On the basis of high production ,automatic,continuous , the production  management achieve networking gradually and to establish rapid response system. In the development history of world chemical fiber , Suzhou Jwell Poly Engineering Co.,Ltd will assume more social responsibilities and obligations, especially plays a critical role .

 “Excellent Quality ,Perfect in One” is Jwell’s Quality Motto & all staff’s working Mission.

 “Diligently Persistence ,Strive for Innovation “is Jwell’s Enterprise Spirit 




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